Your body in
indulgence mode!

From bike rides to rip training sessions and a Garden of England therapy,
Domes Noruz celebrates wellness and fitness through experiences meant to give
a rejuvenating tone to your stay!

You’re switching to relaxation mode the minute you’re setting foot in the 500 sq.m. area.

As you enter the premises, the Cretan sunlight gradually fades and gives its place to the dim lights of the curvy corridor with its rough, sand-made walls. An ideal mood setter, as every step you take brings you closer to the Soma’s reception. And once you get there, a world of wellness options is available to you.

If you feel like enjoying Soma’s heated pool, all it takes is just a few more steps. During your swim breaks, you can enjoy a glass of water infused with local citrus fruits and organic herbs, prepared at the Wellness Corner right at the pool’s entrance. As for the hammam bath, sauna or jacuzzi, all are situated around the pool.

On the other hand, if you simply feel like indulging yourself with a cleansing facial or a full body treatment, we have the answer. Or better said, all the answers. With Elemis as our exclusive product partner, we treat you as we ought to: with a custom session that fits your needs, and a product line made with 100% natural ingredients. Plus, we can help you take back home with you the whole Soma experience, as all Elemis products are available to purchase.

For the end, here’s a tip: Ask us about Biotec and the Garden Of England. You’ll thank us later…

All SOMA facilities are available for free to all our guests,
and with an entrance fee for the public.

An appointment arrangement is suggested.

Get in touch with the SOMA staff for more details
about the cost of both the treatments and the Elemis products.

Fitness room

Vacations are meant for relaxing.
Well, for some.

And if you think that holiday fitness is just about that seashore jog, think again. Our gym is open and available to you 24/7. Exactly. All day, all night.

Plus, our fitness expert is here to expand your wellness horizons through indoors or outdoors activities.
Now is the ideal time to get in touch with some known -such as yoga, pilates, personal training or TRX- or not that popular practices. From functional training and mobility to fat burning, you have the chance to experience new, exciting ways to exercise.

And who knows, maybe in some time from now you will be able to say “Well, my passion for rip training flourished during a visit in Chania some years ago…”