Taking gastronomy from
magnificent to Creteficent!

Some say the sea breeze increases your appetite. Well, you will definitely need it with Topos’ compact, yet original menu, the epitome of a Crete-fied approach on classic dishes.

Our chef Dionissis Pliatsikas, after a long period in Spain and the UK, has found a friendly and creative haven in Topos’ kitchen.

An when it comes to the menu’s match, our 160+ wine list is a perfect pair. Specially selected is definitely an understatement for it, as our people have personally tasted and approved each and every one of its items, as the vast majority comes from local wineries (Manoussakis, Karavitakis, Douloufakis, Lyrarakis, et al).


Enjoy exclusive labels, a by-the-glass tasting thanks to Coravin, plus a large selection of rose wines! Local, small-scale producers are a large part of our supplying options -whether is raw materials or drinks. This way, we can guarantee that you can enjoy -from breakfast to dinner- fine dining right next to the sea.

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