We believe that we all have an impact on society and a great responsibility towards both the environment and the local communities. We coexist and grow together. For that reason, Ledra Hotels and Villas has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy and active commitment to socially responsible hospitality services, applying a series of certified procedures that focus on the social, environmental and cultural heritage and supporting various relevant initiatives.

We continuously work in conjunction with all departments to implement sustainable practices and we repeatedly collaborate with and support humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations, demonstrating our ethic. Often, we hold special activities in which our guests can actively participate and be a part of the contribution.

This year, we have partnered
with Desmos.

Desmos, is a non-profit Foundation, whose ultimate goal is to assist in creating sustainable networks of solidarity and the cultivation of social and humanitarian responsibility.
The program in which we partake is called Desmos for Schools and is Specifically covering needs of schools in remote areas.

For any further information, please feel free to email us
at [email protected]